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Wray stood behind the intelligence agencies' assessment that Moscow meddled in the 2016 presidential election, dismissing Russian President Vladimir Putin's claim that his country was not involved.

"He's got his view. I can tell you what my view is," Wray said at the opening event of the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado. "The intelligence community's view has not changed. My view has not changed."

Wray spoke after a day of controversy in Washington over whether President Donald Trump accepts the intelligence agencies' assessment and whether he believes Moscow is continuing to try to influence American elections or threaten the nation's infrastructure.

Wray also dismissed Putin's offer to allow the U.S. access to 12 Russian military intelligence officers who have been indicted on charges of interfering in the election in return for being able to interview Americans the Kremlin has accused of unspecified crimes.

The White House said it was under consideration. Wray dismissed the offer.

"I never want to say never about anything," Wray said, "but it's certainly not high on our list of investigative techniques."

Much of the conversation with Wray, which was moderated by NBC's Lester Holt, focused on Russia.

"Russia continues to engage in malign influence operations to this day," Wray said.

He said that while U.S. officials have not yet seen an effort by Russia to target specific election systems, it is aggressively engaged in influence operations to sow discord and divisiveness in America. "To me, it's a threat that we need to take very serious and respond to with fierce determination," Wray said.

White House, State at odds over Putin's interview proposal

The White House and the State Department are at odds over Russian President Vladimir Putin's offer to allow the U.S. access to Russians accused of election meddling in return for interviews of Americans accused by the Kremlin of unspecified crimes.

He said the Russians identify divisive issues, and through covert and overt operations, fake news and propaganda, they "spin people up on both sides of an issue and then kind of watch us go after each other."

Russia isn't the only country threatening the U.S., Wray said.

He said he thinks China, from a counterintelligence perspective, represents the broadest and most significant threat America faces. China wants to replace the United States as the most powerful economic engine in the world and is infiltrating American businesses to get an edge.

"We have economic espionage investigations in all 50 states" that can be traced back to China, Wray said. "It covers everything from corn seeds in Iowa to wind turbines in Massachusetts and everything in between.

"The volume of it. The pervasiveness of it. The significance of it is something that I think this country cannot underestimate."

Trump talks tougher, now says he warned Putin on meddling

WASHINGTON (AP) — His toughness with Vladimir Putin in question, President Donald Trump declared on Wednesday he had told the Russian leader face to face to stay out of America's elections "and that's the way it's going to be." A few hours earlier, Trump had answered "no" when asked if the longtime U.S. foe was still targeting American elections....

-- By Deb Riechmann and Desmond Butler

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Costume designer Ane Crabtree gives the rundown on dressing Margaret Atwood’s dystopia.
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Courtesy of Hulu.

In the Republic of Gilead—which once was Cambridge, Massachusetts, until the state was overthrown by a theocratic, totalitarian regime—women are defined solely by their assigned roles and the men who govern them. Wives, Daughters, Aunts, Marthas, Econowives, and Handmaids live to serve their male counterparts; their free will and reproductive rights have been stripped in an attempt to restore life and order to the mostly infertile republic.

Most post-1980s high school students—those whose libraries didn’t ban the book, anyway—will recognize Gilead from The Handmaid’s Tale , a 1985 work of speculative fiction by famed writer and environmental activist Margaret Atwood . If the dystopian tale was required reading then, its new small-screen adaptation—coming to Hulu April 26th—feels like required viewing now, and not just for teens. Costume designer Ane Crabtree , tasked with bringing Gilead’s dystopian dress to life, agrees, admitting that her creative process was particularly emotional and charged because the show’s filming schedule aligned with the results of the 2016 presidential election.

Margaret Atwood Ane Crabtree
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“By November, when the world changed in our own personal Gilead on this side of the pond, we were well into the story, and every day the script was mirroring what was happening in the States,” says Crabtree. “The world changed in a matter of days with the commander that we have, and it was a blessing and a curse to work on this show and creatively build for that. Because I think artistic torment is actually a blessing. It was painful some days, and beautiful on other days. That’s the only way to describe it.”

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friday, august 3 (5:00pm)

surprise screening


Running Time : 133 minutes

Language : In English

Rating : [ PG-13 ]

WHAT'S ON? - It's a surprise! We can’t tell you what is showing, but trust us: you want to see this one on the big screen with an audience! Join us for a special screening of this month's surprise animated film. You won’t want to miss this showing!

WHAT DO I DO? - RSVP to reserve seats for you and all your guests. Once you have reserved you will be added to the guest list for the show. All RSVP attendees will then receive an email reminder theday of the show.

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monday, august 6 (7:30 pm)

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secret sunshine

Directed by Lee Chang-dong South Korea | 2007 | 142 minutes

InKorean | English Subtitles | [ 18+ ]

Synopsis : Lee Chang-dong's riveting, critically lauded drama is a beautifully rendered exploration of motherhood, grief, faith, and emotional survival. Cannes Best Actress Award-winner Jeon Do-yeon plays Shin-ae, a single mother who relocates to her husband's hometown Miryang ("Secret Sunshine") for a new start after his sudden passing. Attempting to make a new life there for her young son is a challenge, and she manages to befriend only a bumbling repair man with dubious intentions. When tragedy strikes again, Shin-ae undergoes an emotionally shattering journey that pits her against everything she's known about humanity, love, forgiveness, and God.

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friday, august 10 (7:00 pm)

pyaasa (thirst)


Directed by Guru Dutt

India | 1957 | 146 minutes

In Hindi | English Subtitles | [ G ]

Synopsis : Stark black and white cinematography powerfully evokes the antagonistic forces at work in this classic melodrama. Set in post-Independence Calcutta, it tells the story of Vijay (Dutt), an unpublished poet, dismissed by family and office colleagues but befriended by his loyal friend Gulabo (Waheeda Rehman) and whose potential for success hangs on a twist of fate. In a remarkable turn of events, Vijay is believed dead and his poetry “posthumously” lionized. The writer-producer-director-star paints a glamorous portrait of an artist’s isolation through dappled imagery and the sensitive picturizing of S.D. Burman’s famous songs. And Waheeda Rehman, in her screen debut, is extraordinary, radiant—a woman to bring out the poet in any man, on screen or in the audience.

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monday, august 13(7:30 pm)

the spectacular now

Directed by James Ponsoldt

USA | 2013 | 95 minutes

In English | [ 18+ ]

Synopsis : With sly humor and an intensity of feeling, creates a vivid, three-dimensional portrait of youth confronting the funny, thrilling and perilous business of modern love and adulthood. This is the tale of Sutter Keely (Miles Teller), a high school senior and effortless charmer, and of how he unexpectedly falls in love with "the good girl" Aimee Finecky (Shailene Woodley). What starts as an unlikely romance becomes a sharp-eyed, straight-up snapshot of the heady confusion and haunting passion of youth – one that doesn’t look for tidy truths. The film was written by Scott Neustadter and Michael Weber and also features wonderful supporting turns from Brie Larson, Kyle Chandler, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

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friday, august 17 (5:00 pm)



Directed byTed Wilde

USA | 1928 | 86 minutes

In English | [ G ]

Synopsis : Speedy was the last silent feature to star Harold Lloyd—and one of his very best. The slapstick comedy legend reprises his “Glasses Character,” this time as a good-natured but scatterbrained New Yorker who can’t keep a job.Silent comedy legend Harold Lloyd stars as a die-hard Yankees fan who can't keep a job, but is determined to save the last horse-drawn trolley in New York. He finally finds his true calling when he becomes determined to help save the city’s last horse-drawn streetcar, which is operated by his sweetheart’s crusty grandfather. From its joyous visit to Coney Island to its incredible Babe Ruth cameo to its hair-raising climactic stunts on the city’s streets, Speedy is an out-of-control love letter to New York that will have you grinning from ear to ear.

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monday, august 20 (7:30 pm)

world cinema program

Overview : Exciting and original storytelling from international filmmakers where you can discover a director’s first or second feature film, fresh styles and challenging ideas in narrative work from around the world. Also included are nonfiction films that explore remarkable stories and issues in the world around us.

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friday, august 24 (7:00 pm)

restored classics program

Overview : Experience beautiful and extraordinary classics showcasing works from renowned filmmakers around the world. Each film has been gloriously revived as a cinematic revelation for you to discover through the art of preserving and restoring cinema. These revivals celebrate the many joys of cinema featuring selections of outstanding works of world cinema.

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monday, august 27 (7:30 pm)

world cinema program

Overview : Exciting and original storytelling from international filmmakers where you can discover a director’s first or second feature film, fresh styles and challenging ideas in narrative work from around the world. Also included are nonfiction films that explore remarkable stories and issues in the world around us.

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friday, august 31 (5:00 pm)

family matinee program

Overview : These wonderful programs feature classic family-friendly films from around the world with selections of terrific laugh-out-loud comedies, magnificent dramas, thrilling adventures and great works of fantasy that are sure to charm and entertain parents, children and audiences of all ages.

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saturday, september 1 (7:00 pm)


Overview : Experience beautiful and extraordinary classics showcasing works from renowned filmmakers around the world. Each film has been gloriously revived as a cinematic revelation for you to discover through the art of preserving and restoring cinema. These revivals celebrate the many joys of cinema featuring selections of outstanding works of world cinema.

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monday, september 3 (7:30 pm)


chico and rita

Directed by Fernando Trueba,Javier Mariscal, Tono Errando Spain | 2010 | 94 minutes

In Spanish, English, French | English Subtitles | [ 18+ ]

Synopsis : Oscar®-winning director Fernando Trueba (Belle Epoque, Calle 54) and Spain’s legendary illustrator Javier Mariscal celebrate their passion for the music and culture of Cuba with an epic story of love, passion, and heartbreak. Cuba, 1948. Chico is a young piano player with big dreams. Rita is a beautiful singer with an extraordinary voice. Music and desire unite them as they chase their dreams and each other from Havana to New York to Paris, Hollywood and Las Vegas. With an original soundtrack by legendary Cuban pianist and five-time Grammy®-winning composer Bebo Valdés, Chico Rita captures a defining moment in the evolution of history and jazz, and features the music of (and animated cameos by) Thelonious Monk, Charlie Parker, Cole Porter, Dizzy Gillespie, Woody Herman, Tito Puente, Chano Pozo, and others.

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summer with monika


Directed byIngmar Bergman

Sweden | 1953 | 97 minutes

In Swedish | English Subtitles | [ 18+ ]

Synopsis : Inspired by theextraordinary Harriet Andersson, in the first of her many roles for him, Ingmar Bergman had a major international breakthrough with this unsentimental and ultimately ravaging tale of young love. A girl (Harriet Andersson) and boy (Lars Ekborg) from working-class families in Stockholm run away from home to spend a secluded, romantic summer at the beach, far from parents and responsibilities. Inevitably, it is not long before the pair are forced to return to reality. The atmospheric visuals by Gunnar Fischer, Bergman’s cameraman of choice in the 1950s, effectively contrast the airy, idyllic, seaside locales of the couple’s summer passion with the darker, drabber realities of their working-class life in the city. The original(Sommaren med Monika), presented here, is a work of stunning maturity and one of Bergman’s most important films.

Sommaren med Monika (Original Title)
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Families/Caregivers | FOOTWEAR Boots Kendall Kylie qrWLUA
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Blog: Hospice Views
Posted on Wednesday February 15, 2017 in Caregiving Tips

According to the National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP report Caregiving in the U.S. , approximately 43.5 million Americans will provide unpaid care to an adult or child this year. These family caregivers are performing a wide range of caregiving tasks. Everything from running errands and food preparation to assistance with eating, dressing, walking, and personal care to administering medication and clinical care, they are doing.

National Alliance for Caregiving Caregiving in the U.S. 43.5 million Americans

Caregiving can be incredibly rewarding. It can also be incredibly stressful. For some, that stress translates to exhaustion or depression. Others find themselves feeling anger and caregiver resentment.

Caregiver resentment is a feeling of unfairness or irritation. If you are a reluctant caregiver, caring for a relative more out of obligation than love, you may resent the person you care for. If you are the only one providing care, you may resent others for not pitching in. For many, however, it’s a general sense of resentment toward the overall situation.

Nearly 25% of family caregivers spend 41 hours or more per week providing care . When caregiving is a full-time job, it’s easy to experience moments of resentment regardless of how much you love the person.

25% of family caregivers 41 hours or more per week providing care

3 ways to combat caregiver resentment:

1. Take Care of Yourself First

At the start of every commercial flight, the flight attendant instructs you to put your own oxygen mask on first before assisting others in the event of an emergency. This is also true in caregiving. Ideally, caregivers would also make sure to get the rest and sustenance they need. However, it can even help to just be able to identify hunger, grief, or exhaustion as a contributing factor to your resentment. When you know the cause, you can take steps to address it.

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