Embellished leather sandals See By Chlo N14a8WS

Embellished leather sandals See By Chlo N14a8WS
Embellished leather sandals See By Chlo</ototo></div>


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    Documentary Action

    by musicdream

    in Music / Cinematic / Dramatic Action Adventure

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    Epic Percussional Trailer

    by Aleckxstar

    by DadkiSounds
    01:57 112

    Inspirational Piano

    by GentleMusicStudio

    in Music / Cinematic / Romantic Sentimental

    The Mercury News

    Coachella 2018: 7 places to


    By Vanessa Franko |

    The weather gods smiled on the first weekend of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, with fairly mild temperatures. But for Weekend 2, which kicks off at the Empire Polo Club in Indio Friday, April 20, and runs through Sunday, April 22, things are a bit more challenging.

    Camping was already delayed by a day due to high winds and temperatures are expected to reach triple digits by Sunday.

    If you’re out here, the key is to stay hydrated, since dehydration is serious business, but we also have some suggestions for spots where you can cool down inside the festival.

    1. The Antarctic

    This installation from HP isn’t named after the coldest continent without a reason. Relax in a comfy chair, soak up the air conditioning and bliss out to the digital projections above. Lines for this can get long, so make a beeline for the big white dome early in the day, when the temperatures are among the hottest and the lines are the shortest.

    inRead invented by Teads

    2. ‘Spectra’

    You can’t miss this seven-story tower of many colors standing in the middle of the field. Yes, you have to walk up and down stadium-like ramps inside this art installation, but you can be cool while you do so. It’s air-conditioned. ( Learn more about all of the art installations at Coachella 2018. )

    3. The ice cream shop

    New for this year at Coachella is theVan Leeuwen Ice Cream shop. The air-conditioned pop-up has chairs where you can cool down while you chill with your ice cream.

    4. Heineken House

    You have to be 21 or older to get into this one, but there’s A/C and music inside and maybe even some special guests. This weekend’s lineup includes Ghostface Killah on Saturday, April 21. This is another one where the lines can get long, so plan accordingly.

    5. The Do Lab

    Don’t want to give up the party but still need a place to cool down? The Do Lab stage has always been a favorite for the vibes and for the water cannons. Plus, there could be fire eaters, dancers, aerial artists and more. (The Do Lab’s stage usually provides some good shade, too, but the group was rebuilding the fabric top after Monday’s high winds damaged some of the pieces.)

    6. Yuma Tent

    The Yuma Tent, near the entrance, is a house music heaven and it’s also cool and dark. While there’s often a line at night to get in, it’s a good place to chill out during the day.



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